Tip of The Week

What is writer’s block? Does it actually exist? Well I would like to believe so. I experienced it as I wrote this (True Story). Do you sometimes feel short of ideas? Think so much through a subject but just can’t seem to pick up on anything. Fear Not Campers!! For there is a solution. Hopefully.

Here are some tips that could break that block.
• What if?
When starting out on a story be it short, or long? Let your imagination soar. For instance
What if Pigs can fly?
What if a group of kids woke up only to realize they were in 1922?
What if a newspaper could tell you the future? Get the picture?
• Write with Intention
According to Justina Chen Headly, author of Nothing but the truth and a few white lies “ I never start a writing day, much less a new project without asking myself, Yeah what are my intentions with this story anyway?
What’s in my heart that matches my mind?
What is pulling me to tell this specific story?
What about the story and/ or character touches my heart?
What happened to me so that I identify with this story/character?
What about this story am I afraid to write…yet must?
What am I really trying to say with this story?”
After contemplating and mulling over these questions you can proceed to writing.
Still clueless? Take a break and suck on a lollipop.

P.S. It really works.